Momentum Spotlight Artist Interview: Chris Schultz

January 12, 2018


In Progress Spotlight Project

Tell me about your relationship with OVAC and how that started?

I think my first exposure to OVAC must have been from reading Art Focus. I’m not sure how long Art Focus has been around, but I can recall reading it when I was in high school. Apart from the publication, I think the first time I attended one of their programs was actually just several years ago. That first exposure was such a positive experience. I think there are some really promising things going on in Oklahoma’s art scene right now, and a lot of credit goes to OVAC for their involvement.

What are your goals for your Spotlight project?

I want to encourage investigation and observation through the project. Being able to present choice is another goal. I want the project to be hands-on, I like the idea of people actually being a part of how the finished project works

What do you feel may be a challenge you will face as a Spotlight Artist?

Keeping things simple. I would say I have a solid game plan for creating the project, but with anything so much more is learned while working. There will be processes, ideas, and methods of working that I hadn’t thought of before. When the project takes off and gains more and more traction it will be hard to not want to go back and rework an element with a new method I had learned after the fact.

What is the most exciting aspect of getting to be a Spotlight Artist?

The most exciting aspect is the support from OVAC, the other artists, and the curators. I get to work alongside some really talented people. I’m excited to see how our projects turn out, how the curators’ direction will lead us, and how our works will inform each other.


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