Momentum Spotlight Artist Interview: Marissa Raglin

January 19, 2018


In Progress Spotlight Project

Tell me about your relationship wth OVAC and how that started?

From an art administrative perspective- In the Spring of 2011, I was a junior at Oklahoma Baptist University and I was looking for Summer internships in the arts to gain experience prior to graduating. I was familiar with OVAC and its programs and offerings after attending my first Momentum in 2008. I can’t forget that first Momentum, it was unlike any art experience I had ever had. It was alive and surreal, flashy and unique. I knew I wanted to intern with an organization that fostered creativity and created a spark in the community. I was excited to learn I was hired as intern that summer. That summer I worked to create supporting materials for OVAC’s 24 Works on Paper show and made vital relationships with many great arts leaders that impacted my decision to pursue a profession in the arts.

From the visual artist perspective- My artwork was first accepted into a juried show at Momentum Tulsa 2014. I had only begun exploring collage one month prior and I took a big leap of faith submitting new work. I then sold my first work of art in a juried show at OVAC’s Momentum OKC in 2015. Honestly, I felt so validated in that moment that I felt encouraged to keep creating. Last September, I participated in my third 12×12 and it’s my favorite arts fundraiser I participate in.

What are your goals for your Spotlight project? 

My Spotlight project is entitled “Nesting”. Inspired by bird’s nests, pack-rat collections of odd/illogical imagery, the 1950’s domesticated woman, and the strange inclination to ask a woman of child bearing age when she is going to have children. Comments such as “once you’re done with ‘xyz’ you’ll have time to settle down…” fuel my inspiration. My goals are to create 5 nests that examine the “one-size-fits-all” mentality of motherhood and home life; to tear away the facade of the domesticated women ads that were once/are so popularly run. I hope my Nesting project creates dialogue for women’s hopes, goals, and dreams.

What do you feel may be a challenge you will face as a Spotlight Artist?

For this project, I am working with found imagery, wood panels, and resin. Resin sometimes has unusual outcomes when interacting with the vintage imagery. Sealing these images acts as preserving my thoughts and in turn transforms the images into artifacts. This process can help or hurt the narrative.

Another challenge is while acknowledging the absurdity of the imagery I’ve pulled, I want to make sure the narrative created isn’t forced, but allows the viewer to easily flow from one story per panel to the next, while simultaneously viewing the five nests as one. A woman’s hopes and dreams for growing their family or not pursuing that path are vast and I hope to push forward these many ideas collectively in one narrative.

What is the most exciting aspect of getting to be a Spotlight Artist?

When I had this idea, I then began looking for possible imagery. I started first in my collection of imagery that have pulled over the last three years and right under my nose was the material to bring this idea to life. That didn’t feel like a coincidence.  I’ve had so much positive feedback from my friends and colleagues, I feel as if I’m gathering a greater sense of the pressures to begin a family, or to pursue a career, and the tick-tock of the biological clock. This project is a first; where with this opportunity or not, I have such a strong passion and drive to create I’d be working on it regardless, and that for me, is truly exciting.

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