The Musical Side of Momentum

December 8, 2014

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This post is by OVAC Intern Pauline Chateau as part of  our series on Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s Momentum OKC 2015, featuring Oklahoma artists aged 30 and younger.  Momentum OKC opens March 6&7 at the Farmer’s Public Market OKC.

As every year, Momentum OKC 2015 welcomes music acts during the two day event. Casey and Minna was one of the seven bands who performed last year. Below is a Q&A session about their personal experience.
If you’re a musician and want to perform in the festive and creative atmosphere of Momentum OKC 2015, you will find the process to submit below.

OKC duo, Casey & Minna, deliver a happy folk and fiddle style with strong rhythms, pretty melodies and a splash of singing. The light-hearted instrumentals include folk tunes from around the world plus contemporary pop songs played with an Okie-fiddle spirit.  Performing unplugged and strolling is their specialty.  They are featured musicians in the movie ‘Rudderless’ produced by William H. Macy.

Pauline Chateau:  What were your reasons for deciding to apply last year?
Casey and Minna: Momentum is a big party, we wanted to be a part.

How would you describe the overall experience?
It was a good and memorable time.

How did performing for Momentum OKC differ from any other live experiences that you’ve had?There was a lot of performance art going on; we became a part of each other’s shows in way.  The atmosphere was creative with lots of art-loving people.

What were the things you enjoyed the most? And what benefits has the experience given you?
We specialize in strolling unplugged music, that’s what we did at Momentum. Whenever a venue is cool enough to want us to do what we are best at it’s enjoyable.  As far as benefits, we made new fans, and saw lots of old friends.

What advice would you give to other bands interested in Momentum?
The people who are a part of Momentum will be supportive of you and your musical performance, you could play your most avant garde stuff.

Other acts who participated last year were:
Helen Kelter Skelter
King Mary
John Wayne’s Bitches
The Chloes


The Chloes playing at Momentum OKC 2014

Momentum will be held March 6 (Down Tempo) and March 7 (Full Speed) in OKC. Accepted Bands will receive a $150 honorarium, 15 tickets for band members and promotion, listing on posters, advertisements, fliers, website and in press releases and of course, our gratitude.

The deadline is December 15, 2014.

If your band is interested in becoming part of this intense arts event find information here:

More information about the event at